Invasive Weed Pull, Saturday, August 30

Join Friends of Tahoe Donner Trails on Saturday, August 30 for a family-friendly invasive weed pull atop the Tahoe Donner Ski Hill.

Last year we organized a small musk thistle pull near the Eagle Rock lift. That pull was so effective that this year only a few musk thistle remain. That’s why for this year’s invasive weed pull, our primary focus will be that area’s enormous bull thistle infestation.

Specifically, we’ll be uprooting as many tiny, first year rosettes as we can so they don’t mature into monster, second year plants next summer.

Because we’re only targeting small rosettes, this weed pull will be easy, family-friendly, and fun. It’s nearly as simple to uproot a bull thistle rosette as it is to uproot a dandelion. The rosettes can, however, be difficult to spot, which is why this weed pull is really a scavenger hunt with a garden trowel.

Bull thistle is by far the most common invasive weed in Tahoe Donner. In some neighborhoods it’s growing on every single lot. So it’s no surprise that folks are always asking for advice on controlling the infestations they’re finding on their property. At this weed pull you will learn everything you need to know about the easiest and most effective way to control those infestations, namely by targeting first year rosettes.

As a bonus, for all who are interested, we can also take a short walk (about 1/4 mile on a dirt road) down to the top of the Eagle Rock chairlift, and remove the few musk thistle that remain. So this weed pull will also double as a quick workshop on musk thistle identification.

Here are all the details:

  • Date: Saturday, August 30
  • Time: 10:00 – 12:00
  • Location: The (future) Cell Tower Site, atop the ski hill.
  • Parking: Map
  • What to wear: Sturdy shoes, hat, work gloves, sun protection.
  • What to bring: Plenty of water and your favorite weeding tool. Garden trowels, small round point shovels, and hori-hori digging knives are especially recommended, but any weeding implement will work just fine.

For more information please email the Trails Club at