Alder Creek Meadow Cleanup, Saturday, July 19

On Saturday July 19, we’ll be partnering with the trails staff for a second Alder Creek Meadow cleanup. If you’re unfamiliar with that area, it’s just past the gate at the end of Alder Creek Road.

For years the meadow was used as something of a dump. Last year we had a great turnout for our volunteer cleanup day, and we removed whole truckloads of debris from the meadow. Although the site is in much better shape today, there’s still work to be done to return it to pristine condition. (Particularly if we have another great turnout, we might also spend some time sprucing up one of the nearby trails.)

Here’s all the information:

Alder Creek Meadow Cleanup
Date: Saturday, July 19
Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Place: We’ll meet near the Equestrian Center gate, and walk to the site. Although that facility is under construction, there is ample parking along Alder Creek Road.