June 1st McGlashan Springs Discovery Hike

Join the Trails department and the Friends of Tahoe Donner Trails Club for a hiking tour of the McGlashan Springs and Bucknam Tract properties. This tour of some of the most beautiful and historical areas in Tahoe Donner will begin at 10:00 a.m on June 1st at the Bermgarten cul-de-sac just off Skislope Way. A map is available here.

The main hike will follow the jogging-stroller friendly dirt road. There will be frequent stops to look at the area’s hidden and lesser known gems, and to discuss the plans for developing trails in those areas, including the Donner Lake Rim Trail.

At the end of the dirt road, the hike will split into two groups. All those wishing to remain on the main road will head back to Bermgarten with staff, and all those wishing to go further will continue on an extended tour with the Friends of Tahoe Donner Trails club. The extended tour will include some off-trail hiking, but most of it will be on rough bootleg trails.

The first portion of the extended hike will cross over onto the Bucknam Tract on a course that approximates one possible route for the Donner Lake Rim Trail. From there the hike will continue to a spectacular Donner Lake overlook via another bootleg trail across Forest Service land. Finally the hike will conclude by going off-trail again to see the McGlashan Springs themselves.

Approximate distance for the main hike is 1.5 miles, while the extended hike is about 3.5 miles. Dogs on leash are welcome on both hikes, but you are advised not to bring your dog to the area around the springs because of the hazardous barbed wire there. (We do hope to organize a volunteer effort to remove that barbed wire later this summer.)

For more information please contact the Friends of Tahoe Donner Trails at tdtrails@gmail.com.