Weed Walk with The Weed Warriors, Saturday, August 1

For the third year in  a row, Friends of Tahoe Donner Trails will partner with the Truckee River Watershed Council’s Weed Warriors to conduct an educational weed walk here in Tahoe Donner.

This year we’ll visit infestations near the Alder Creek Adventure Center, alongside Northwoods Boulevard, and in walking distance of the Clubhouse. We’ll drive to each infestation, and carpools can be arranged.

The walk will conclude with a lunch provided by the Weed Warriors.

Here are all the details:

Tahoe Donner Weed Walk with The Weed Warriors
Date: Saturday, August 1
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm (Lunch will follow.)
Meeting Place: Alder Creek Adventure Center (on the rear patio), 15275 Alder Creek Road

RSVP required by July 28. To RSVP email tdtrails@gmail.com.

Nota Bene: Participants must be 10 years or older and able to walk short distances over rough, dirt terrain.

Tahoe Donner is an unfortunate host to some of the region’s most noxious invasive weeds, including musk thistle, bull thistle, spotted knapweed, and perennial pepperweed. There is no better way to learn about these invasive weeds than to join us on a weed walk.

If you’ve been on one of our walks before please know that you’re encouraged to attend this year’s walk as well. When learning to identify invasive weeds, repetition is a virtue. Plus, we always try to add new weeds and new sites to our itinerary, and this year’s walk is no exception.

Invasive weed spotting is a rewarding activity for all ages, and a great way to protect the integrity of our local natural environment. You can be a weed spotter every day in your neighborhood and on the trails. What’s more, because it’s almost like a natural scavenger hunt, it’s also quite fun. If you catch the weed spotting bug, you might even find it a little addictive.

So please join us on our weed walk, and try your hand at invasive weed spotting!

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Tahoe Donner Trails Day Volunteer Kick-off, June 20

The first Tahoe Donner Volunteer Trails Day of the season will take place on Saturday, June 20th. We have an exciting project planned on a popular stretch of the East Perimeter Trail behind Hillside Drive.

No experience is necessary, all ages are welcome, and experts from the Trails Department will be on hand to teach and supervise.

Tahoe Donner Trails Day

    • Date: Saturday, June 20
    • Time: 9:00 to Noon
    • Location: We will assemble at the Northwoods and Hansel mailbox cluster before heading out. This will be a fairly compact project, covering less than 1/2 a mile of trail between the mailbox cluster and Solvang Way.

Some folks tell us that they’d love to help, but they don’t want to spend all morning using big, heavy tools to move big, heavy rocks. Others say they really love trail work because they get to use big, heavy tools to move big, heavy rocks. It’s not always easy to find volunteer projects that satisfy such divergent needs and wants, but the one we have planned for the 20th does it perfectly.

On the light and easy end of the spectrum, we’ll be raking small, loose rocks and sticks from the trail to create a more stable tread surface. If we have sufficient numbers and interest, we’ll also undertake more strenuous repairs on the deeply eroded portions of the trail. This will include the removal of some larger rocks and boulders, the repair of an existing water bar, and perhaps also the construction of additional water bars to mitigate erosion in the future.

Everyone is advised to wear sturdy shoes and gloves, drink plenty of water, and wear sun protection. For answers to frequently asked questions, please see the trail work FAQ, and for more information please email the Trails Club at tdtrails@gmail.com.

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